It would be an honour to work with you on your journey to sucess and happiness!

We have designated Programs to achieve the following:

 Senior Executive Leadership Coaching

Business Critical oriented Coaching

Relationship Building 

Executive Narrative Coaching

Emotional Intelligence Development

Rebranding yourself after Restructuring

Senior Management Coaching in:

SCM and  Logistics

Systems Architecture Implementation

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service/Consumer Engagement

Change Management

Process Improvements

Operations and Optimization

Budget Preparation

Program Management

Marketing Strategy

Production Planning

Business Strategy

Business Development

 Vision creation

 Goal Setting

 Time Management

Holding Effective Action oriented Meetings

Creating Credibility within the Team and Organization

Creating an Inclusive culture

Business Continuity Planning

 Audits and Compliance

Become a Teambuilding Expert and Facilitator

 Assessment of Communication Styles

Best Team Dynamic

Increase Productivity   

Improved Performance Reviews

Become a Superior Business Communication Expert

Perfect your Hiring skills and Expertise- Hiring for Organizational Fit

Team Optimization

EQ interview Questions

Become a  Mentoring Leader 

Become a Servant Leader

Career Coaching

Succession Planning

Project Management review and support

Create Call Centres New Efficient departments or Business Units

Create a partnership with Human Resources


Inclusion and Diversity

Women's Empowerment

How to promote your business successfully

Set-up Operations, Telephony, Open Warehouses

Transition New product Lines

Gain Clarity on decision making

Determine your driving forces and how to utilize your innate gifts

Boost your creativity to enhance projects

Work-Life balance

MSA, SOW creation and amendments

Contract Negotiations

Many more Executive Coaching Programs available. Please contact us to inquire about them.



We have designed Programs to help you heal and assist you to become the best version of yourself.

  • Changing your narrative story to change your life

  • Self Empowerment and Transformation

  • Living the Life of your dreams

  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits

  • Creating Commitments to yourself and staying on track

  • Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • Mapping your Success Journey

  • How to be a better student

  • Learn to better direct your focus

  • Self-Discipline

  • Guidance for University Students

  • Growth Mindset

  • How to successfully use affirmations

  • How to prioritize

  • How to

  • Discovering your strengths

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Love Languages

  • Opening your heart to love again

  • Reviving the Passion in your relationship

  • Maintaining your identity after you become a parent

  • Establishing a healthy partnership

  • Eliminating unhealthy co-dependency

  • Becoming a Winner in Life

  • Learn how to change your luck

  • How to heal from Betrayal (Cheating, Dishonesty, Backstabbing)

  • Surviving Domestic Abuse

  • Healing from Domestic Abuse 

  • Healing childhood Trauma

  • How to motivate your child

  • How to communicate with your child

  • How to raise resilient children

  • Addiction Issues(alcoholism, drugs,sex,compulsions

  • Parenting Challenges

  • Anxiety

  • Bullying (work, school, relationships)

  • Self-Healing

  • Healing ancestral trauma

  • Breaking Family Patterns

  • Bereavement (Life after Loss)

  • Divorce (during,after)

  • Finding a new identity after loss or trauma

  • Dealing with a loved one suffering from Cancer

  • Surviving Care Taker Burnout

  • Growing up in the wrong Body

  • LGBTQ Empowerment, Transformation, Equality, Self Esteem, Support

  • Self Esteem Challenges and Support

  • Body Image Challenges

  •  Job loss, Job Search,Job Empowerment

  • Women's Empowerment

  • Transitioning into a job after a parental leave

  • Forgiveness to move forward in Life

  • Narcissistic Abuse and how to heal from it

  • Recognizing and healing fear based patterns

  • Stopping the Self-Sabotage

  • Learning how to be happy

  • Healing your inner child

  • Mental Health Crisis Support

  • Dating in today's world/Online Dating (Safety, Protocol, Protecting yourself and your identity

  • Depression

  • Eliminating negative blocks

  • Money blocks

  • Eliminating Negative Money programming

  • Breaking self-defeating Programming

  • Giving Yourself Permission to be happy and to succeed

  • Reinventing Yourself for Success

  • Determining your Strengths

  • Forging a new identity after retirement

Many more Life Coaching Programs are available. Whatever Life Challenges you may be facing, there is always a solution to help you surmount all obstacles. We would be honoured to help your transition through them.Please contact us to inquire about them.

We offer a multitude of Consulting and Business Services. 

Business Communication

How to become a Leader (workshop)

Written Complaint Letters

Workshop for Students entering the workforce

Workplace Etiquette

How to survive in the Corporate world

Building Relationships


Consulting to assess how you measure up against Industry standards

Customer Service Excellence workshops

Resume Customization

Business Process Renewal Recommendations

Drafting MSA's, SOW's

Creating BCP's

Project Management and Consulting

Re-engineering your Operations

Implementing Change Management

Team Building workshops and seminars

Self-Improvement Seminars

Determining your Team's communication Styles for Improved Results

Team Productivity Assessment

Leadership assessment

Branding and Marketing

Graphic Design

Event Planning

Ad hoc Consulting -please contact us

We are constantly adding new Consulting and Business Services, please inquire so we can customize a package to suit all your organizational needs.

We all experience enlightenment and awakening differently. It takes on many forms. Let us take you through your journey of Spiritual Transformation which is purely reconnecting with the divine in order to find your path to the light, success, harmony and joy.

  • Finding your Soul purpose

  • Living your soul mission

  • Pay it forward

  •  Spiritual Empowerment

  •  Your Personal Connection to the Divine

  • Your Spiritual Journey

  • Spiritual Awakening 

  • Using the Law of Attraction to attract everything you desire

  • Vibrational alignment

  • Developing your intuition

  • We are all Connected

  • Angel Numbers

  • Signs from the Universe and how to recognize them

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Setting Intentions so they manifest

  • Healing Energy Modalities

  • Akashic Records Discovery

  • Oracle Angel Card Readings for support and Empowerment

  • We are all the creators of our own reality

  • The power of Prayer

  • What resonates with you? A discovery Journey

  • Removing Financial Blocks

  • Removing Love Blocks

  • Dream Interpretation

  • How to connect with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

  • Spirit  Animals and their significance

  • Discovery of Type of Soulmate relationship

  • Twin Flame Relationships

  •  Moon Phases and their influence

  • Past Lives and what we need to heal

  • Emotional pain manifesting physically and how to heal it

  • Working with the Violet Flame to resolve issues and heal

  • Feng Shui and your environment

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Mind over matter

  • Soul Detoxing

  • Cutting Negative chords of attachment

  • How to continue a relationship with your loved ones in spirit

  • How to recognize signs from your loved ones in spirit

  • How to build meaningful connections

  • Understanding why some souls only stay with us temporarily

  • Understanding why some relationships are just temporary

  • Understanding why some people act as messengers or channel messages for us

  • Understanding why certain things happen to us and how to find the right path

  • Energy alignment

  • Understanding the difference between religion and spirituality

  • Understanding Energy Vampirism and how to block it

  • Understand Evil Eye and how to eliminate it and guard yourself against it

  • Protective Light and invoking the help of the Archangels and Guardian Angels

There are many other aspects of Spirituality we can assist you with. Please contact us so we can be your travel guide on this journey to enlightenment.

Certifications and Affiliations

·         CCF. Certified Executive and Life Coach

·         Smart Leader Certified. Witz Education-Executive Leadership

·         Certified Law of Attraction Coach

·         Certified Success Coach

·         Certified Life Purpose Coach

·         Certified Transformational Coach

·         Certified NLP Practitioner

·         Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Coach

·         Certified Angel Card intuitive Reader

·         APICS, P.Log courses

·         Member of CSPN

·         Member of WXN (Women's Executive Network)

·         Member Canadian Board Diversity Council (CBDC)

·         Member of ISFP (International Society of Women Professionals)


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