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"Believe you can and your're halfway there" Theodore Roosevelt

Passionate About Empowering, Inspiring and Transforming Others

During all my years of being a Leader in the Corporate world, my greatest joy came from empowering individuals and teams alike.


From a personal life coaching perspective, I have always had a passion for empowering people to change and transform their lives for the better.


My unique wholistic approach has allowed me to be very successful in transforming lives for the better. Through a series of specifically designed questions, we will determine your goals set the milestones. Then we will continue to determine the quality of your life in each specific area, and where you would like to ultimately transform. By combining mind, body and spirit assessments based on the client’s specific mindset, we will determine the best approach to reach your desired goals and success levels.


We will perform a deep dive during our coaching sessions to assess negative conditioning, self doubt and self sabotage blocks that we will work on together to eliminate and transform the blocks. The goal is to transform our weaknesses into successes, because they do serve their purpose as a bridge to success.


We all have the ability to transform into a successful new you who is in flow with harmony, peace, success, abundance, happiness, prosperity, love, joy and everything else you may desire.

Self awareness is key to determining life’s blocks. I will teach you how to do a temperature check regularly to determine if you’re on the right path or if you need to change course.


The greatest path to transformation is consistency and a mindset change. I will continue to work with you to empower and support you.


Our family, friends and coworkers often don’t understand how we feel, or understand the dreams we have. Even though they are our key support system, they often do not put us on the right path to success, because they project their own insecurities into our success path. This is why working with me is different. I am the judgement free neutral party who will be your guide and biggest cheerleader on the way to happiness and success.


I work by determining the root cause your challenges, blocks and unhappiness and gradually getting you to heal the patterns that keep you away from your desired success.


I would not recommend the successful processes I have already used with hundreds of my clients unless they worked, I should know I’m a firm believer that I have to live what I coach otherwise I won’t understand and empathize with what you’re going through.


I’m not the average coach who will just keep you on track to insure you accomplish your goals and tasks weekly. Our success will be measured by your Total Transformation when you empower and transform yourself after our sessions every week. My ability of perception, intuition and claircognizance allow me to determine the best approach to get you where you want to go. We will work as a team to insure you accomplish all your goals and heal and dissolve all self defeating negative patterns as well.


Everything I coach is backed by Neuroscience, the Law of attraction, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Epigenetics, Positive Psychology and many other modalities. I constantly strive to learn more about the human spirit and our limitless possibilities, as well as how we can accomplish our desires.

My passion is to work with my clients and to determine the most suitable and supportive method for them to accomplish their dreams.

We each transform differently, I will be able to assess what your most successful style of transformation is and to work with you using that specific style. I don’t adapt your style to mine, but I adapt mine to yours to ease you through the transformation in ways that you would be able relate.


My life experience has taken me through many challenges from my early childhood to my adult life, but I have always been able to find empowerment and transform myself, because our resilience is our most powerful divine tool along with the faith that we can succeed.


I am also in the process of publishing my first of many upcoming books entitled Empower and Transform Yourself (A true Story of Resilience  and Success) about my own story of resilience and transformation. This book will be your empowerment partner. It will assist with life's challenges in both your personal and professional life. It will bring clarity provide indispensable techniques to empower and transform you.


 Look for it by March 31st, 2021 in all major book stores and on Amazon. I am very excited to share my experience and techniques that I have learned and used along the way. There is so much that human spirit can withstand and survive through, as long as we're equipped with the right survival kit.

If you are interested in pre-ordering the book, it would be our greatest joy to reserve a copy for you. The cost of the book is $29 CAD. Please contact us at to inquire about the book or to place a pre-order. Thank you.

  • CCF. Certified Executive and Life Coach

  • Smart Leader Certified. Witz Education-Executive Leadership

  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach

  • Certified Success Coach

  • Certified Life Purpose Coach

  • Certified Transformational Coach

  • Certified NLP Practitioner

  • Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Coach

  • Certified Angel Card intuitive Reader

  • APICS, P.Log courses

  • Member of CSPN

  • Member of WXN (Women's Executive Network)

  • Member Canadian Board Diversity Council (CBDC)

  • Member of ISFP (International Society of Women Professionals)

  • Senior Executive Leadership Expertise

  • Relationship Building Expertise

  • Senior Management Expertise in SCM, Logistics, Systems Implementation, Customer Service, Operations, Budget Preparation, Program Management, Production Planning, Business Strategy, Vision, Goal Setting, Time Management, Creating Credibility within the Team and Organization, BCP, Audits and Compliance

  • Teambuilding Expert and Facilitator-Customized Solutions, Assessment of Communication Styles, Best Team Dynamic, Increase Productivity, Performance Reviews

  • Superior Business Communication Expert-Improve your credibility and results through superior and concise communication

  • Hiring Manager Expertise- Hiring for Organizational Fit, Team Optimization, EQ interview Questions

  • Mentoring Leader over 20 years experience

  • Career Coach over 20 years

  • Project management over 20 years experience on major projects to Integrate New Systems, Create Call Centres, Set-up Operations, Set- up Telephony, Open Warehouses, Transition New product Lines

  • Life Coach over 20 years experience-refer to services list including Domestic Abuse, Addiction, Parenting Challenges, Bereavement, Divorce, Finding a new identity after loss or trauma, Dealing with a loved one suffering from Cancer, Job loss, Job Search Empowerment, Relationship Issues, Narcissistic Abuse,Dating in today's world,Self-Esteem issues, Money blocks

  • Spiritual Coaching-Finding your Soul purpose, Empowerment, Your Personal Connection to the Divine,Your Spiritual Journey,Spiritual Awakening 

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