Yleana A. Senior Account Manager

Andreea is a great career and business coach. She has helped me to narrow down my options and put together a plan of action to help me achieve my desired success. I would highly recommend working with her because she has the client’s need at heart and knows exactly how to put people on the right path. I have also witnessed her superior motivational and team building skills which she used to generate higher than expected results for her team. She has a passion for empowering others and has the ability to bring out her clients’s hidden talents. Her ability to empathize and truly understand the challenges of the client are a true gift. It’s such a great ongoing experience to work with her.

Debra R., Senior SCM Executive

After Andreea started her business 5 years ago, I became one of her business coaching clients. I have also personally witnessed her superior leadership skills and she was always an exempkery leader.
She is extremely resourceful and knows exactly how to get to the root of the issue and remove all blocks. She is very strategic and understands the requirements and mandates having been in the corporate world for so long and having managed large projects. She is a great life coach as well and knows how to keep her clients on track to reach their desired success levels. She really does care for her clients as well and that shows in her commitment and dedication. I would definitely recommend her as both executive and life coach.

John W., Senior CSR

I had heard of Andreea from a friend who saw her for Life Coaching. I've always been sceptical about any Therapists and I really wanted to seek help with someone non judgmental who would understand. me. She surprised me because she was  so understanding and she knew exactly what I was feeling before I even verbalized it. She helped me to make me realize that I was going through Narcissistic abuse . I had been in a roller coaster of a relationship for 3 years and things were spiriling out of control. I lost all my self esteem and was afraid to leave  the relationship. Andreea worked with me to help me realize the root cause of my issues and helped me develop better coping mechanisms. It's been two years now , and I can honestly say that 't think I would have turned my life around if it wasn't for Andreea's coaching.

Diana H. CCO

I have worked with Andreea on several occasions for Business Coaching, and she is a true professional. She is business critical oriented and understands the bottlenecks and how to remove them. She's is truly empathetic and  has a very high level of emotional intelligence . She adapts her coaching style to her clients' so that she can bring out your dormant talents. She is a great listener and knows exactly how to re-route you when you don't stay on track. I was able to take some of my projects to a more elevated  level because of her coaching. I would highly recommend her and  she will help you reach your goals.

Olga R. Divorced stay at home mom

I met Andreea for the first time when she was a presenter at  my children's school. She came to speak to the parents about how to raise happy kids. She was very inspirational and her presentation was great. She talked a lot about resilience and how it can be taught and learned. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and when we got to talk after the presentation she picked up on the fact that I was carrying some heavy burdens on my shoulders, and my worries for myself and my children's futures. She impressed me so much because she  able to determine right away what I was going through. I immediately bought her  ultimate package and it was the best decision that I have ever made. She assisted me in finding myself again, gaining my independence and to leave a very abusive domestic situation. She was there for me and she really cares. I will be eternally grateful that she helped me change my life.

Greg M. Driver

I initially contacted Andreea to help me mediate the divorce agreement between myself and my ex wife because we couldn't agree on anything and this was just dragging on. She worked with me to  and my wife to find the best way prioritize our time with our two young daughters.She was able to get my wife and I to communicate better so we could maximize our time with our daughters. It was a difficult process at the beginning because we were both playing tug of war, but Andreea knew exactly what to  do and say to get us to see each other's point of view and in fact she helped us express years of bottled up anger and emotions.

We created an action plan that were all sticking to and it's been working great.

Sebastian B., University Student

I was going through a hard time in my third year  of university and  my mom's friend recommended Andreea. I called her for an initial phone consultation and I knew  right away that I wanted her to help me.  I signed up for 3 sessions initially and we  were able to work through my issues and conflicts with my roommates. Through her coaching sessions, she determined I also developed anxiety after some of the incidents.  We worked through the root cause of my anxiety  which had faded after her guidance. I got 12 more sessions because I was failing out of school and didn't know what to do. She helped me figure out my career options and taught me how to cus and stay on course. Iwas able to pull myself together, not fail out of school and will be graduating with honours in the spring. Thank you for your help, Andreea.


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